Tornado are capable of picking up debris and dropping  it miles away from where it was picked up. If winds are strong extreme, cars can be turned over and picked up by the tornado. It is important to know what you should do if you are driving and become caught in a tornados path.

If you see a tornado where you are driving, the best thing to do is to pull over and evacuate your vehicle. Look for shelter in the nearest sturdy building or if possible a storm shelter; and please do not hide under your car. The High winds could roll the car over on you.  If there is no shelter close by,  look for the nearest ditch or low-lying area and crouch as close to the ground as you can cover your head with your arms.

Structures to look for while driving are fast food restaurants and banks. Fast food restaurants usually have a cooler that could withstand a tornado while banks may have a large  safe. if you can find an interior wall within a structure that may help as the outer walls may deflect some projectiles from reaching you.