Truck goes airborne and misses emergency workers

Take a look at this video which demonstrates how quickly things can get out of control.Slow Down and Move Over!

Posted by Universal Roadside Assistance on Friday, January 29, 2016

Take a look at this video which demonstrates how quickly things can get out of control simply from an emergency worker trying to help with a car parked to the side of the road.

Universal Roadside Assistance specializes in highway towing. Our first focus is the safety of our operator and you our customer because we give a 24 hour service we must be alert to safety at all times. There have been lives lost of fellow tow operators in the past across Ontario.  There is a new law for all emergency vehicles including tow trucks, which is to slow down and move over when you see a Tow Truck on either shoulder. Its very easy for someone passing by to lose control and hit the Tow Truck operator or disabled car on the shoulder. Please be aware and keep your eyes open.

We would like to educate our customers on safety in every type of situation as it can be dangerous out there. From our experience towing vehicles we have seen it all.

  1. When you are broken down or in a car accident on a highway be sure to call the authorities and explain your situation.

For example,

  • being stuck in a live lane,
  • being stuck on the right shoulder
  • being stuck around a bend where someone might not be able to see you until the last minute

Trying to change a flat tire on the side of the highway in anyone of these situations might not be wise because you want to save a few bucks etc.

These emergency situations can be very dangerous and the authorities can help you on what you should really do.

Towing cars can get dangerous, especially because of our location in Canada.  Most of the year our roads have the potential to be slippery from snow or ice, creating hazards for our customers and tow truck operators. At Universal Roadside Assistance we make sure we are equipped to be safe as possible, while taking our time so no mistakes or accidents happen. Safety shoes, safety jackets/vest, safety chains , first aid kits and fire extinguishers to safely assist you. We got it all!!