Universal Roadside assistance(URA) has been serving the city of Hamilton for almost a decade. As a Roadside assistance company we have realized that anyone that has or will use our service is NOT in the greatest situation when they call. We have come to understand as a company that our service is not just about towing someone’s car, its about trying our hardest to make our customers day better and advising them in the best way.

We have and will continue to train our employees to be professional and cater to our customer’s need as best we can regardless of how upset or stressed our customers can get. To meet these goals of customer satisfaction on a weekly basis, the employees are to meet certain requirements. Having a clean truck at all times, mechanical inspections, must be uniformed, etc. Universal Roadside Assistance has preferred facilities they recommend if needed after your Tow, such as nearby mechanic shops, rental companies, body shops or any type of service you need to get your vehicle back on the road in the surrounding cities of Hamilton and Burlington. Customer service is a priority for Universal Roadside Assistance. We work for you!!


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