Universal Roadside AssistanceThe towing industry for many years now has been looked down upon for being unprofessional, unreliable, dirty, dishonest and unappropriated. Just like any other situation, some companies and/or drivers have ruined it for the good guys that are trying to make an honest living. Universal Roadside Assistance(URA) is trying to change the view of the public. URA is professional, reliable, clean, honest and well spoken simply because there is no reason not to be. As a company we’ve come to realize that being this way is better for business in every way. We have happier customers and are being recognized as someone’s savior. What better feeling than being highway hero?? Our goals are to make the public change their thoughts about this industry. In order to do so, we need to change as an industry. Hopefully our hard work and this change that we continue to make as a company will reflect on companies that haven’t understood these facts. To the companies that have already came to this understanding, keep up the good work!!